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I dropped out that semester and went back to Brooklyn, where Leo Frank was from. I listened, hard, and heard only crickets and cicadas singing in the night. This is the worst outcome I could have expected from being hazed by a fraternity. It sounded like he was drowning. Someone obeyed him and I was lifted out of bed. Or maybe it was because I was there, another scared Jew stolen from his bed in the night. The deep drawl of this one told me it was Hugh.

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Millie. Age: 32.
gay frat muscle

I knew better than to bolt or fight back; this was part of it.

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Kennedi. Age: 25.
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I Was Hazed In A Frat, Here Is The Experience That Terrifies Me To This Day

Was this really part of it? Jeffy kept flicking my kneecap, hard. A car door opened and I was thrown inside. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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