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lily munster picture
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She is very close with her niece, Marilyn. In one episode she forces Herman to give her money so that she and Marilyn can open a beauty parlor , but this soon goes out of business, as Lily assumes her clientele wants to look more like her. Lily was first introduced in the second pilot episode and is the only family member to not appear in the original pilot episode. In the episode "Munsters Masquerade", Lily demonstrates the ability to float in the air while dancing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her necklace features a bat-shaped medallion. She has a werewolf for a brother, who appears in one episode, and a sister who is mentioned a few times who is Marilyn's mother.

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Evalyn. Age: 22.
lily munster picture

While she is deeply in love with Herman, she also frequently gets very angry at him due to his frequent stupidity and occasional selfishness , and Herman often meekly discloses his fear to others of being on the receiving end of her wrath.

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Audrina. Age: 22.
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Lily Munster

Lily is mainly a housewife , and her duties include spreading garbage around the mansion and "dusting" with a vacuum cleaner operating in reverse so that it blows dirt about in the nine-room-and-a-dungeon house. Yvonne De Carlo was cast for the role in March Lily was not in the original pilot episode of The Munsters. Views Read Edit View history.

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