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As Juanpa is about to climax, they are caught into the act by Ariel's adoptive father, who chases Juanpa around the bedroom before he jumps out of the window and runs off naked. Logan arrives at the house of the boy whose instructional video he watched, and kicks down the door which knocks out the boy's sister. Logan, Juanpa and Andrew Bachelor take a taxi to the airport, and Andrew tells Logan that Russian prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy will be on the same flight, as he is being extradited back to Australia to be put on trial for an incident involving dingoes. Realizing that his friends would also be the same way, Logan wakes Jenna up from her sleep and gets her to go to the cockpit with him. Ariel susses out right away that Juanpa is not Logan, but decides to have sex with him anyway as he has an accent.

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Esther. Age: 27.
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Filming began in , and it was supposed to be released a year later.

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Cassandra. Age: 31.
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Jenna freaks out over the situation, while Logan decides to try and find the flight attendants, who are bound and gagged in the cargo by Vitaly. Although they land successfully on the runway, the plane fails to stop, so Logan has to quickly watch the instruction video to slam on the brakes at the last minute. He then throws Clarice out of the plane, before saying his catchphrase, "It's just a prank, bro! In a mid-credits scene, Juanpa is seen running across another beach with only a couple of leaves covering his genitals and chases after a kangaroo.

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