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They manage to use the tunnels built under the mansion by one of Cheryl's crazy uncles to escape and Archer cuts a deal with Moto to give away 5 million dollars worth of cocaine to even things up. The agent is fooled into leaving, and a computer chip is installed into Cheryl to remove her anxiety and allow her to become a country singer. Special guest star : Blake Perlman as La Madrina. Ramon is making the buy on behalf of Rudy and Charles, all three last seen in the Season 1 episode "Honeypot. Her vocals are provided by singer Jessy Lynn Martens.

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skinny pam from archer

When the jeep carrying them crashes, Archer, Cyril and Ray who has supposedly become paralyzed yet again have to navigate their way through a jungle river, forcing Archer to confront his fear of crocodiles.

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Archer Pam Quotes

Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cyril becomes the new president of San Marcos and forcibly takes Juliana as his wife, Cherlene becomes the first lady of country music, and Archer becomes a resistance fighter. Archer avoids crash landing in a dangerous swamp only to come face-to-face with a shady arms dealer.

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