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Contact the site with comments or questions. I did the contest because I wanted to, for me. This article has expired. I bet it would work just as good. I take it out to charge and put it back when I need it. Would you be surprised to learn that this same dialog happens to every Amateur, all the time?

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That in turn started a whole conversation about the how, where, why and what of the way of the heated element and its application to a circuit board.

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MyDEL MP-23 PS-23 SWI Switch Mode Power Supply

It's a long dial in amateur radio terms, but the difference is just a number, right? One day while working on my Swan I heard a station in KY coming in, but much weaker than usual. I suppose the antenna could be redesigned using much larger, heavier components to accommodate higher power, but then the advantages of small, lightweight, easy and inexpensive to build are lost. In the end, finding amateurs in a new location is a lot like finding amateurs in your home town. Turns out that if you get on air during a contest, you can use that for example to do testing of all manner of things.

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