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Naturally, lingerie. From adventurous Aries to attention-loving Leo, scroll through to find your sign, read about your traits, and see what our lingerie pick is for you. What are you waiting for?

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Aries: driving fast late at night, running from the cops, listening to the neighborhood, swimming with just a big tee shirt on, jealousy and fighting, working out. Taurus: listening to loud music, saving animals, walking through the forest barefoot, eating at Waffle House late at night, bonfires, candles and fairy lights. Cancer: looking at the stars, sweaters, heavy eyes, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, funny voice impressions, playing video games.

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With so many lingerie styles out there to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect lingerie ensemble for a sexy night in. Because of this, something funky and fun will suit you perfectly. Leopard prints, high heels, or fun cutouts are great ways to make you feel sexy and fun at the same time.

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Strappy and complete with zippers, this lingerie set perfectly reflects your spontaneous, daring nature. Taurus women are all about sensuality. When it comes to love and lingerie, you are always down to try something new. You should try this black-accented nude bra and panty set.

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If lingerie is a special occasion kind of thing, then today is a treat yourself kind of day, because we found the lingerie look you should try out, based on your zodiac sign. The Aries gal is modern all the way, full of spunk and drive. Thongs are pretty modern.

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While you may know how your sign affects your interpersonal relationships, how does it affect really important stuff — like your taste in lingerie? After all, not all lingerie is created equally. Read on to find your perfect style that'll not only make you feel super sexy, but also bring out your inner bombshell.

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Your favorite affordable on-theme lingerie e-retailer, Yandy. It is launching a brand-new line of bras, panties, and teddies, all designed to fit your zodiac personality! Now, I'm going to show you all the pieces, but there's a catch: Can you guess which sign each one is?

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Looking for the Perfect Lingerie Guide? Click here! Here are the lingerie styles you should try out, based on your zodiac sign. Determined, ambitious, and practical, the ideal lingerie for a Capricorn is as hard-working as it is beautiful.

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Finding the perfect lingerie can be quite the task. Not only is it the foundation beneath your outfit but it also can affect your mood. How awesome would it be if you could take a fun factor, such as astrology, to help you decipher which piece you should try next?

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This week, we welcome guest blogger, Letitia, from Assiere. When do you change it, and when is it time to get rid of it? This indicates you must be prepared to purchase maternity bras to suit the start and then near end of your pregnancy as your breasts can change up to sizes throughout, and you want to make sure you are receiving the best comfort and support during breastfeeding with a newly fitted bra that you had during the start of your pregnancy. An expectant mother should have at least 4 new maternity bras — 2 that are basics and 2 that a fashion that you can rotate with depending on the occasion as well to last longerto wash, to suit different periods of your pregnancy, and for which function is needed.


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